Tuesday 12 May 2020

Updated school news – CV 19

Many countries are looking to phase the partial reopening of schools over the remainder of the academic year but some are keeping schools closed until the Autumn. In the UK  it is a mixed picture – in England, primary schools may start to reopen on 1st June if circumstances allow.  It is unlikely secondary school … Read More

Thursday 9 April 2020

School entry points in England

We are often asked what the difference is between a formal entry point to a school and an “in year” admission. Generally speaking, there are three main entry points to the school system.   4+ :  Children who turn five between 1st September and 31st August will enter school – the Reception class – at … Read More

Thursday 2 April 2020

Coronavirus – an education update

Most schools will be breaking for Easter holidays in the next two days, with schools due to resume in principle on 20th April. Some key updates: It is unlikely that any schools will be open to accept students in April – apart from the children of key workers. Schools do not have a timetable as … Read More

Friday 13 March 2020

Headteachers back coronavirus advice

Headteachers in the UK have backed the UK’s position to keep schools open as long as possible – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-51835486 – whilst also asking for more guidance on public examinations. Against a backdrop of schools closing across Europe, the UK has aimed to keep schools open as long as is possible.  Many schools are limiting tours to … Read More