UK schools – September plans

There has been some new movement in schools news over the past few days, so I thought it would help to update.
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The government has announced that they intend for all schools to open fully in September if events carry on their current projection.
Life in the schools may be different – though the reduction of the social distancing requirements will give schools greater flexibility in approach.
It is increasingly likely that key exams – A Levels, GCSEs and Year 6 SAT’s will be delayed to slightly later in the summer term in 2021 to help students catch up on work missed this summer.
There is also a tutoring fund available to support students – aimed initially at those in poorer families.
It was announced yesterday that the Scottish government wants all schools to open fully from 11th August (the first day of the Scottish school year).
Schools will reopen on 29th June, but not fully and with staggered start times and part-time during the week.  There has not yet been any announcement on plans for September 2020.
Northern Ireland 
Northern Irish schools are currently closed but intend to begin as near to normal from September 2020 onwards.

Schools update

A current state of play with schools in the UK.  Things do seem to be a bit of a mess at first inspection but there is progress being made.
Many primary school children in England have returned to school, but not all year groups and not full time.  The government has rowed back on its aim to have all primary aged children return for some school time over the summer term.
From today, some Year 10 and 12 pupils in England are returning to school – as with the primary children it will not be a full curriculum but to allow key year groups to have some teacher time.
Most councils have now reopened their admissions processes.
At the moment the expectation is that schools will fully return in September – though that will depend on progress with CV-19 over the coming weeks.
Most independent schools – benefiting as they do from smaller class sizes – are expecting a full return in September.
In Scotland, the intention is for all children to return to school at the start of the new year in August.
In Wales, schools are looking to reopen for all age groups – again with a staggered timetable – from 29th June.
In Northern Ireland, schools are looking for a phased return from late August onwards.
As ever, it is a constantly moving picture but I’ll keep you updated with developments.
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Education planning – a starting point

One of the main challenges facing a family when moving home is understanding the educational journey that they are embarking on.

A move is not just a professional relocation, but, more importantly for children, an academic journey that will dictate future choices and options.

Before a family commits to a school or college in a new country, time should be taken to consider both what the future holds and what the past has given them.

This could include what a student wants to do when they leave school, what curriculum they have studying, how they have responded to academic environments in the past, as well as the length of time of the assignment and how that will impact on future choices.

This might not just be an academic consideration but how a school can meet a student’s co-curricular interests, support a special educational need or how they offer pastoral care to ensure that a child settles well.

Every single school handles children differently and parents can only make a judgement on which would be best by fully understanding the journey that the family are taking.

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