Tuesday 12 May 2020

Updated school news – CV 19

Many countries are looking to phase the partial reopening of schools over the remainder of the academic year but some are keeping schools closed until the Autumn.

In the UK  it is a mixed picture – in England, primary schools may start to reopen on 1st June if circumstances allow.  It is unlikely secondary school will open before September apart from for key exam year groups, Years 10 and 12.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not committing to a timetable for reopening.

Across Europe a number of other countries are reopening their education systems –  including Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Greece – all slowly allowing children back to school.

It will probably not be a full school schedule – a mixture of online home teaching and staggered timetable within schools, with different age groups allowed to attend on different days.

Some countries – Republic of Ireland, Italy and effectively Spain are staying closed until the Autumn.

A key thing to remember is that school admissions offices are largely open – and any families thinking about a move in the Autumn (as most families probably will be) can start planning now – especially in independent and international school sectors.

Practically, families won’t be able to visit schools but many schools have set up virtual tours / open events that allow parents to speak to key teachers and view facilities.