OFSTED inspections

A common observation from many families is that many OFSTED reports are extremely out of date.

Certainly many schools rated “Outstanding” have not been inspected by OFSTED for over ten years – an example being this school in West London – https://reports.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/21/100346,

The reason for this was an exemption introduced in 2012 that would allow schools rated “Outstanding” and “Good” to be inspected less regularly.  The thinking behind this was that OFSTED could focus its efforts on those schools that needed more help, that fell in the “Requires Improvement” or “Inadequate” categories.

As of 2020, this position is changing, with OFSTED now inspecting all schools regularly again.  They recognise that there can be many changes in a school’s profile – for example a change of headteacher – that might change the way the school is working.