Teacher retention in London

We are often asked by parents new to the capital whether it is normal for there to be such a high turnover in teachers within state schools.

It has been noted that London schools do struggle with holding on to their teachers, with figures revealing that more than four out of 10 teachers are not working in London five years after qualifying.

Schools across England do struggle to recruit and retain staff, but the problem is most acute in inner London where just 57% of teachers who qualified in 2012 were still working in the classroom by 2017.


Some of this is down to natural movement in the teaching population – especially in London where many teachers view their roles as transitionary or a starting point for further career development away from the city.

However, it is certainly true that both pay and working conditions drive some teachers away from the profession.

The current political party manifestos ahead of the election all call for greater investment in education (it would be a surprise if they said otherwise) but perhaps more resource should be focused on retaining teachers rather than just aiming to recruit new ones.