Thursday 18 May 2017

UK General Election – politicians lining up to woo voters with education pledges

In the last few days we’ve seen pledges from both the Liberal Democrats and Labour to increase funding across education, the Liberals Democrats by £7 billion and Labour by £5.5 billion. In both Labour and the Liberal Democrat plans the lion’s share of the proposed funding would go on schools, with both planning to scrap the current Government’s plans to invest in grammar schools.

Labour are also pledging to reintroduce the university maintenance grant and may set a longer term goal of scrapping university tuition fees, something the Green Party has also indicated that they would do.

And the newly released Conservative manifesto aims to put £4 billion into the schools budget by 2022. At the same time they will establish at least 100 new free schools per year, remove the ban on grammar schools and introduce a specialist maths school in every major city across England. Theresa May also plans to require universities charging maximum tuition fees to ‘become involved’ in academy sponsorship or the founding of free schools.

Interesting times… we’ll keep you updated as the policies evolve.