Portfolios for children

One of the great challenges for internationally mobile families is giving schools a clear and representative portrait of their children prior to any interviewing.

School reports are, of course, helpful.  However, in many countries these have very qualitative information, focusing much more on the dry statistics of achievement.

So how can parents provide more flesh and colour to an application, how can they build a portfolio to show the children in the best, honest light?

References or testimonials can be a great addition to any portfolio.  An honest review of a child by a headteacher or class teacher provides the new school with a trusted alternative view.

Examples of work.  Schools can look at a child’s work and quickly seea at what level they are pitched.  For younger children, this is particularly important in Maths and English, and as children get older, languages and sciences are also useful.

Extra-curricular activities.  Schools want to see children who are going to contribute to the spirit of the place.  Parents should make sure they showcase what their children have achieved outside of the classroom – sports, music, drama, arts, community work.

Dean Associates can help develop these “school portfolios” so do contact us for more information – nathaniel@deanassociates.co.uk.