Wednesday 28 October 2015

Chicken or egg?

One of the most common discussions we have with parents is whether they should choose the school or the house first.

Simply put, in what order should they relocate?

Our first answer would instinctively be “school”.  It makes good sense to centre a home search around a preferred school.  Living close to the school provides logistical ease and helps both the children and the family as a whole settle into a new area.

But this instinct does need to be informed.

A schools search without proper reference to what type of house a family can afford or what type of area might suit their needs is like going into the desert without a map – and risks wasting the time of the families, the agents and the schools.

It does not need to boiled down to one area, but having a shortlist of, for example, five areas provides real focus to the relocation process.

This is also important when families are looking to move into the state sector.   Availability in the state sector is always tight and the situation can be extremely fluid.  Often research needs to be carried out when the family are on the ground, checking around individual preferred properties.

So, in a perfect world, schools would come first.  But it is never as straight-forward as that.