Wednesday 7 October 2015

Understanding the journey

One of the dangers when helping families moving internationally is viewing each assignment as an individual element without considering the wider journey that the family are taking

This is not just a professional journey, but, more importantly for children, an academic journey that will dictate future choices and options.

Before a family commits to a school or college in a new country, time should be taken to consider both what the future holds and what the past has given them.

This could include what a student wants to do when they leave school, what curriculum they have studying, how they have responded to academic environments in the past and the length of time of the assignment and how that will impact on future choices.

Every single school handles children differently and one can only make a judgement on which would be best by understanding the journey that the family are taking.

Dean Associates is an international education consultant that can provide a unique insight into this journey, having helped over 6000 families moving home over the past thirty years.